Alternative Thought Clarification and Creating Results

Hi Brooke!

SO PUMPED FOR THIS MONTH! For our homework and daily positive thought download, I am looking for clarification on an alternative thought. I watched your videos, but am still unclear and appreciate you taking the time to help 🙂

I’m a bit literal – so we start out with just 1 sentence in which we want to believe. I have two results that I am excited to create this year both professionally and personally and they both hold big weight in my heart. Does this mean that everyday I do this for both of these results? I am happy to (because they both are important to me) how would you approach it?

The two results are to evolve my business, educate myself and become Certified through the Life Coach School (CHILLS) and blend this work into a program that affords me a six figure income. And the second is to fall in love and build a wonderful partnership with my best friend where we have a family (kids and rescue dogs) and the work that I am doing aligns with our life.

My second question is, are you asking us to come up with conflicting sentences (all of the doubt, worries, fears, all of the negative emotion and all of the voices that do not support our result, maybe even our old beliefs) and then once we look at those, come up with the opposite thought? Choosing THE THOUGHT that is going to steer us into action. The massive action seems like a different, separate thought, but I understand it is this new thought that will help drive that massive action.

Since we all have SO MANY THOUGHTS (50-70+ per day) and we are limiting ourselves to 10-15 minutes in this daily work, do you recommend having a range of thoughts (let’s say 3-5 or should it be more on feeling? Whatever comes up to come up and work with that, no limit?) for questions 3 and 4?

With much love and gratitude,