Alternative Thought + Massive Action

Hi Brooke,

Thanks for the info for this month. It looks great and I am excited to dive in. To help me clarify, I wonder if you can expand on the alternative thought + massive action piece in our daily homework.

Should the alternative thought be something we don’t already believe (like the first sentence) or should it be something we do believe that is simply a shift in perspective from the conflicting thought?

For instance today my conflicting thoughts were:

1. My business goals aren’t possible because of my current set up

2. I have time constraints as a full time mom that interfere with doing more work

So would the alternative thoughts then be something far outside of my current beliefs or would they be more along the lines of:

1. I haven’t fully utilized the amazing resources I have to help me make this happen (Massive action: update website, restructure courses)
2. I have the opportunity to get creative with how I use my time to get this work done (Massive action: work out a schedule with my husband and child to give me a few hours a day to work on my project)

Thanks as always for your insight.