Always frustrated/hurt with a silly manual

Hi coaches! I have this habit of getting frustrated and/or hurt by people with people over the smallest things. For example, if I send a message and see that the person has read it but not responded, then I feel defensive. I may react/respond to them with some type of thing like … ‘no worries, it’s not important’ or I will think ‘she doesn’t like me/doesn’t want to answer me’. I know it’s SO silly because it’s typically a mom friend that is super busy (like myself) juggling a lot and typically she does get back to me.
C text message
T she doesn’t like me/doesn’t want to answer me
F rejected
A have hurt feelings; act despondent
R delay my own response to match her / stress out the whole time /

C text message
T She’ll get back to me when she can!
F free
A NOT wait for text back
R not waste time thinking about this

However it doesn’t fully stick…I am wanting to not have these thoughts so looking for a better model. Any suggestions?