Always hungry

Hi. I have a question about my protocol and hunger. I’ve been off flour and sugar for 3 months now. I’ve lost 24 pounds so far. I’ve got about a 100 more to go. My eating window is 1:ish till 8:ish. I just eat lunch and dinner (I’ll have some nuts after eating if I don’t feel full) my portion size are big. Probably too big. But I always feel hungry! Is this just life now? I get lots of fat, protein, veggies, salad and a little white rice. I have plateaued the last 2 weeks which is frustrating because I am so hungry all the time. I drink a bunch of water when the hunger gets bad. Probably about a gallon a day. I have tried thought down loads around this but just come up with I’m hungry and my stomach hurts.
Thanks Margaret
PS I have not had any more syncope problems and my thoughts are SO much better about it. Thank you!