It was always supposed to happen this way?

Hi Brooke!
I live in the Bay Area and my husband and I have been saving money for a down payment for a house for years. As we’ve been saving, home prices have nearly doubled here. Thanks to this month’s work and 1:1 coaching with one of your Life Coaches going through practicum, I’ve discovered that I’ve had a lot of sadness and regret around not buying sooner. This has been eye opening and I’m practicing thinking new thoughts daily. I am noticing that I still feel regret and I’m on to myself that I am indulging in this emotion. I want to fully move beyond it and have been actively working on replacing that feeling with one of gratitude for living in such a beautiful area.

I’ve posted some models below:
C: We are saving for a down payment. Home prices in our area have increased substantially in the past few years
T: We should’ve bought sooner
F: Sick to my stomach
A: Look up neighbors’ home prices and kick myself for not buying sooner
R: Reinforce my thought

T: We’re on the right path
F: Confident
A: Continue going to open houses and putting in bids on houses we like
R: We purchase a home we love and can comfortably afford

What I’d like help with is this: I’ve heard you say many times that things in your past were always supposed to happen that way and Byron Katie’s quote that when we argue with reality we lose but only 100% of the time. I comprehend this in theory but am still having difficulty wrapping my mind around it. Is there a question that I could ask myself that would help my brain fully believe that this was always how it was supposed to happen?

Thanks in advance!