Always the wrong thing

No matter what I’m working on, it feels like I’m either not doing it the right way, or that it is the wrong thing to do right now anyway. When I’m cleaning, I think I shouldn’t waste time with cleaning but work on my business. When I write emails, I feel like a slob because the room is dirty. No matter what I do, it almost always feels like I’m too slow and too clumsy.

Even when I’m now writing this and trying to sort out my thoughts, it feels like I should be working instead. Can you help me sort it out? Here is my model with an example from today. But I can tell myself “I’m doing the right thing” all day long, it still feels like I’m wasting time….

C: Working on video
T: doesn’t go smoothly. “I probably shouldn’t do this at all. ”
F: hopeless, unmotivated
A: maybe: not working very efficiently
R: mediocre, slow,

C: Working on video
T: I’m doing exactly the right thing
F: Motivated, in the flow
A: working efficiently
R: good results