Always tired, poor sleep

I am recovering from Ptsd. I feel always tired. I have managed for several years to keep raising my children, work and go to therapy, and I feel better. But I still am constantly tired, even when I sleep 8 hours.
Last night, my husband woke me because I was cringing. I have felt desperate since, binging on food.
UM :
C. Husband says I was cringing during my sleep.
T. I will never recover
F. Desperate
A. Feel tired, demotivated, eat, eat, eat, feel like a failure, have no hope to heal totally
R. I don’t recover

Im :

T. It happens to everyone to cringe sometimes, that doesn’t mean anything
F. Acceptance
A. Prepare for the night, do some meditation, tell myself I am less stressed tonight
R. It happened and doesn’t mean anything for tonight

Is there anyway I could fin thoughts to improve my sleep ?