Always wrong

I’ve had a lot of negative self-talk and bad feelings this month. Each time I notice that my thoughts are negative I think of the model and try to change my thought. However, the more I stop myself in the middle of a negative feeling the worse I’ve been feeling.

Watching the urge jar video I wonder if I’m by-passing the time where I’m supposed to feel my feelings and let them pass through me and instead I’m trying to force myself to change my thoughts and feel better? I accept that life is 50-50 yet this month I have been closer to 90-10. I know this is impacting my goal of creating value and bringing in money.

Maybe I can use the urge jar when I feel bad and let myself feel bad for no more than 10 minutes? But I wonder if there are tools for self-compassion I can try that will help with the process of feeling the 50% and then do the model.

I think I should feel better and more empowered if I’m doing the models correctly and since I don’t feel better I’m doing things wrong. Or maybe I need to spend time every day trying to find a thought that I can believe that I know will improve my model.