Am I doing the model correctly?

C- My Parents live with me and I drink
T- They think I drink too much and too often
F- anxiety and judgement
A- Drink in front of them and drink in hiding as well
R- ashamed and anxious


C- Parents live with me and I drink
T- I’m working on a plan to see if I can be a normal drinker and starting by not drinking M-Th. I don’t have to tell them about my plan and I do not have to be accountable to them. I am 56 years old and don’t need to feel like a child and fear their judgement.
F learning
A-drink what I want and not worry about their judgement
R- I am only accountable to myself

Second Model
C My parents live with me and I drink
T during the week when I am trying not to drink, I will just stay away from their part of the house so I don’t have to watch them drink
E anxious
A I will go back to my side of the house and so I don’t need to see them having their one drink
R anxious and feel overwhelmed

useful model

C- parents live in my house and I drink
T- my parents will have their one drink for the day and I will not
E- confident and empowered
R- I will sit with the feelings and not escape to my house so I can learn how to get the “urge” without drinking

Thanks Brooke