Am I Doing The Model Correctly?

I am newbie to Scholars and have been endeavoring to do at least 1 model for each thought download I do. I know I am new to this so may not understand completely and know more will be explained as I go on.

I began to read the self Coach 101 book and realized where I may be doing the model wrong. Be fore I would identify the thought and then almost skim through the questions in my mind writing down the first feeling that would come to mind and the action I believe I take and the result I see in my life. After beginning the book, I realized I may not be actually answering the questions and just writing the first thought.

The second time I did the model and specifically asked the questions like “How do I feel when I think this thought ” pause, think, write it down. Repeat with Actions and results.
I do feel that doing the model this way is the way I am supposed to do it, but does that mean that all my models before are wrong? Should I go back and redo them? Or is it okay to do the model either way?