Am I doing this correctly – 1st time answering daily hw questions

Not sure I am doing this correctly or labeling thoughts correctly but this is day 1’s assignmrnt. Q1 thought download- I am not as successful as I want to be. Q2- facts of download – I have a job. I have been passed over for promotion. I have supervisors my age or younger. Q3- positive thoughts – I love my kids. I am loving. I am striving to be better. I am approachable and friendly. Q4- negative thoughts- I don’t want to go to work. I won’t be able to get clients. I am seen as a follower and not a leader. No one takes me seriously. Q5- list some positive circumstances – I have 2 healthy sons. My marriage is a work in progress but good. I have flexibility at work. I have at least one really good friend. Q6- negative circumstances – I have been passed over for peomotion. I have a peoperty in Baltimore that is a financial drain. My family relationships are varied and not close as I would like. Q7- positive thoughts – I am loved. I am a survivor. Q8- negative thoughts- I am not liked. I am unloveable. I am not good enough. Seems like a messy jumble so not sure I am pulling out the right info … would love some feedback and guidance