Am I doing this right? Models on top of models…

Ok – I got some coaching this morning on a feeling of jealousy I’m having (Circumstance is that my son prefers my husband over me and I’m having thoughts around that like “There’s something wrong with me, he should prefer me, it means he loves me less, etc.” creating jealousy.

I identified this jealousy as an indulgent emotion that I want to erase (a #3), but after some coaching see that maybe I actually need to allow it. So we played with putting jealousy in the C line today and here are my models – I think I just might be getting confused since there are now SO many different feelings floating around these models.


C: Jealousy

T: What an ugly feeling. I don’t want to mother from a place of jealousy.

F: ashamed

A: resist it, judge myself, try to fix immediately

R: layer on more negative emotion to the already present jealousy.


C: Jealousy:

T: Totally normal human emotion, I’m sorry it’s hitting you right now!

F: Compassion

A: allow, describe.

R: Space created. No additional negativity to the already present jealousy.

Anything I’m missing? I have been trying this new model all week but still find myself resisting the jealousy (good lord, now I’m resisting the resistance of the initial negative feeling. This is getting very meta).