Am I doing thought downloads correctly?

I just joined the program and below is a model on a thought from my thought download this morning. I’m hoping a coach can take a look and advise if I’m doing the thought modeling correctly:

C: No changes are happening in my life.
T: Nothing I do ever feels like “enough”
F: Hopeless, annoyed with myself, like nothing really matters because it isn’t enough anyway no matter what I do, stuck
A: I don’t really do as much as I could, or I do something that should be objectively “good”/successful, but I beat myself up about it not being enough.
R: Nothing, when I choose to do nothing because “what’s the point, it is never enough”. If I do take action but beat myself up about it not being enough, I have expended time/energy/effort but then I am berating myself for not doing enough so the result is that I feel bad and I try to make myself feel better by eating/drinking/scrolling/shopping.