Am I going in too many directions?

Hello! I had a great coaching call last week with Jenn! She totally helped me see some thoughts I didn’t even know were going on! As I’m working towards my impossible goal of making $50,000 for 2020, I feel like there are lots of things that are evolving of where I need to work on my thoughts and earn money for 2020. I started with moving towards increasing my income for 2020. I’ve applied to many full time jobs and part time jobs in the area. Right now I’m getting no’s from them. My next step is to create a position that I want with an organization. I know which organization I want to work for and what how much I want to make. The part I am struggling with is how to create value for them and believe it is worth $50,000. I feel like I’m going in too many different directions. It would be “easier” to get a full time job to make money, but here I am trying to create a position for myself at an organization. When in the goal, do you narrow your focus when you keep moving forward and trying things? For example, I am applying for higher paying full time and part time jobs. Now I’m trying to create a position. On top of it, I know I need to clean up my thinking around being able to create value and believe that what I am creating is worth it. Am I going in too many different directions? My brain feels very confused. Thanks!