Am I just doing too much?

Hi Brooke.

I have an 8am – 5pm job and take 2 online classes.
My company recently went through an M&A so my job location and team members have changed.
On the weekdays I live near my workplace and only on the weekends I go home to my husband.(2~3 hour distance)
We’re newlyweds, so we still have another year on our leasing contract and also my husband has a job there, which was the reason
why we decided to have things that way.

Since I thought I was going to have more ME time I started the online classes. But adjusting to the new dynamics at work with the
new lifestyle, I’m so tired after getting off. It’s hard for me to keep up with classes and the assignments. The classes take about 15hours per
week without including time studying the materials.

On the weekdays with work and classes I feel so tired all the time. I feel like I’m not using my time wisely and delay the classes
because I’m tired. On Fridays after work I head home, and on Saturday and Sunday I sleep like crazy getting in the sleep I’ve missed.

Am I just putting too much on myself with work, taking classes, 6hours on the road every weekend?
I’m physically and mentally tired so often that things begin to get delayed and pile up.

I would love to hear your advice. Thanks.