Am I just resisting? Or am I getting this??

I do intermittent fasting. I usually eat between 12 and 13h but today I was out shopping and it was 13h30 before I sat down to a salad with protein and dressing. I ate to satisfaction but when I left the restaurant, my toddler-brain woke up and was not satisfied and was screaming out for more food, sugar and flour. I choose to leave the shopping area, that has all kinds of food to entice the eyes and feed the flour-sugar addiction, and I came home. I felt like removing myself from the situation was a conscious choice to give me time to see and decide what I really wanted and while I was doing that, I reassured my brain that ALL that food out there will still all be there tomorrow, if I really want it, I could decide to have an exception eat, etc but that I have a different plan for today and we are going to live by it! Would you have advised me to stay there to sit out my urge? Would you consider that I was only resisting the urge by removing to myself from the situation? Once home I tried to do a model on paper (versus in my mind on the bus!): C line: out shopping. T line: my brain having a tantrum saying “I want more food.” F: self-indulgent. That is where I broke the model and told my brain T: I have a life that is greater than food (my power-statement!). F: determined. A: drank water, did some SCS, prepared for a yoga class. Result: have stuck to protocol and am developing a life that is greater than food. Also…. SCS initially appears expensive, but starting here in September, part of my 100 urges is to record what the urge would have cost me and to subtract it from the cost of SCS. I am willing to bet that my urges/excess have often been more expensive than SCS, and SCS gives a far better result!! Thank you. 😄