Am I Missing A Part In Stop Overeating Skills?

I have this habit of overeating in the mornings.
For years, I’ve been getting up in the morning and going out to a cafe and eating a bagel or pastries.

I watched all the calls and trainings on Stop Overeating and I understand the skills I need to develop:

1) The ability to recognize the Thought & Feeling.
2) The ability to watch them without reacting.
3) The ability to physically process the urge without rewarding it.
4) The ability to change my desire so that I ultimately won’t desire bagels and pastries.

So, I mastered the 1st skill.

I am aware of the thoughts I have each morning. It’s usually one of these two:

“I want to eat a bagel” OR “I’ll start the protocol tomorrow/next week.”

I am also aware of the urge and how it feels. It’s usually a quickening of my heart rate, breathing and a hurried sense of anticipation to go out and get to the cafe.

What I wasn’t successful at were the other 3 skills.
Because I am in such a hurry to go and get to the cafe, I miss the opportunity to practice watching it.
At times that I did insist on pausing and watching it, I noticed that my brain allows me to do this exercise so that it can still get “its treat” after I am done.

Even at times when I processed physically for some 30 minutes the urge, felt it through and through, my brain kept waiting for me to finish so we will head to the cafe.

It may seem like I am missing a part here…