Am I mixing models?

Hi coaches, I just did my TD and the thought I picked to work on was “I’m a little worried about my business but on the upside it will give me time and opportunity to keep working on my website and membership.”

The models I came up with are below, but even though I feel a little worried / anxious about lost earnings due to corona and not seeing patients for at least this week while I wait to see what happens here in Australia and stay home with my son in self-isolation, I’m wondering are my models aligned? And they both look like IM as the first one has a (kind of) positive outcome?

C I closed my business this week due to corona
T I’m not making money this week from clinic
F Worried
A Don’t dwell on it / Focus on abundance (time now and money when I launch online)
R I don’t make money this week from my clinic (and that’s ok!)

C I closed my business this week due to corona
T I can use the time to build my membership
F In control (?)
A Don’t dwell on it / Use my time productively to work on my business / Keep building my membership content
R Make massive progress on my membership content