Am I on the right track?

I was doing my daily thought work and came up with:

c: birthday post on facebook
t: I wish I was brave like her
f: embarassed
a: feel sorry for myself, beat myself up, stress out, no new ideas of actions for business or financial goals, identify feeling in my body
r: I am left wishing and envying but not personally thinking and acting like a brave person

c: birthday post on facebook
t: It is possible that I can practice new thoughts that will begin to create the feeling of brave
f: concious
a: stay with the feelings, reach out for help, ask my future self what actions she took and what thoughts created her brave self, brainstorm brave actions, take action regardless of feeling crappy physically from believing the shame story, show up big time at work
r: create the environment and possibility of cultivating bravery vs. staying in shame and embarrassment

I also asked my future self about what thoughts she thought and what actions she took. I made a list of actions but feel like I keep getting the same “If they can do it, I can do it”, “It is possible for me to be brave”, “It’s possible for me to take brave actions while still feeling shame and inadequacy”, “I am already figuring things out”.

These thoughts feel believable and maybe I’m just in the river of misery because I don’t fully believe that I’m a brave woman. Maybe I’m complicating this but it does feel like progress.