Am I on Track? MM

Hi Brooke!
Just wanting to make sure I’m on track here with my thoughts and feelings. I’ve been asking lots of questions here and you have provided excellent advice of course. I’ve been doing lots of self coaching and come to the realization that I don’t think it’s necessary at the moment for me and my partner to go to our therapy session tomorrow. I am wanting him to come with me because we currently reside in his and his ex-partner’s home and it of course does not feel like mine. His home is clutter filled as well which I interpret to mean that his mind is cluttered. I DO NOT like clutter as it makes me feel crazy. I have done my best to declutter it but he needs to want to do that as well. He is also extremely afraid of change and does not want to move because he has put a lot of work into it. For now I feel the house is ok to live in because I’m doing a lot of thought work and getting to a place where I am content with this. I am building a business and wanting to contribute financially to a new place when I can afford to share the expenses. I currently do not share the bills and he is ok with that. I buy groceries mainly. My unintentional model is C – couples therapy T- I want him to move into a new home that’s ours F- control A- we go together R -I get what I want. Intentional model C – couples therapy T – I need to gain control of my thoughts F – empowered A – I am doing daily scholars work on myself R – proud.
So I guess my thoughts here are the fact that I have somewhere to live and I am lucky enough to have a partner who allows me to do so with no financial obligation. Although I feel this will not be our permanent residence I am in control of my own happiness not him. I can only lead by example of how to live my purpose of fully showing up in my life with love and abundance. My partner will see that I am happy (and the changes in me are already becoming apparent) and wnat to live an abundant life with me. How is that?? Am I on track? Thanks Brooke, you rockstar! Melanie