Am I only driven by external validation?

In working thru this months homework I’ve recognized something in myself that I don’t quite know how to model out.
I planned everything on the calendar and got super excited about my goals and have been doing all of the time blocked activities as scheduled up until the point where I shared my goal with my mastermind group. They were very supportive of the progress I had already made this month. After the ‘validation’ I almost immediately stopped working on my goal. Now reflecting on this action I’ve noticed that I do this in almost every area of my life. As soon as I receive any type of praise or validation, I quit. It’s as if I’m only working on the current goal in order to receive the praise and once I get it, I move on to another goal that will get me more praise…AHH!
Even weight loss goals, I’ve had to tell my husband not to comment on any positive progress he notices until I tell him I’ve reached my goal because as soon as he does, I stop trying. And then sometimes I secretly get mad at him for not noticing, but that’s a different model (LOL)

I’ve tried to model this out but not sure I’m getting it right..
Current Model:
C – I have a goal & I tell someone
T – They just validated me, so I really don’t have to do the thing…they already are impressed by just the fact that I set the goal and began working towards it. Now I don’t have to actually do it.
F – Disinterest
A – Stop working, find a new goal
R – Don’t reach the goal

Future Model:
C – I have a goal & I tell someone
T – They just validated me, that means I’m on the right track and should keep going so that I can reach my goal and be proud of myself.
F – Determined, proud
A – Keep taking the steps outlined in my calendar
R – Reach or be closer to the goal

I think there is more work needed on the validation part and why I’m seeking that but not sure if it belongs here or is that a different model? Am I attaching self-worth to the praise??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.