Am I processing this right?

Hello. I am new, less than two weeks in and wanting to understand the entire flow from beginning to end.

I have a lot of models about a lot of stuff that is not related. All good. Filling out the model is not an issue and I have confirmed on my first two 20 minute calls.

Do I start with one major area in my life? Right now I am doing models on EVERYTHING that comes up.

I know I want to change the thoughts that I have about something and it is modeled.

Do I next do a model of where I want to be? Then use a thought ladder and a model for each thought “building” to where I want to be?

I have all of these models and most are negative thoughts. It’s “interesting” that last night my wife said to me (without knowing what I’ve been doing with SCS) that all that I was talking about as it related to my business and pretty much everything was that I had such negative thoughts. WOW! That really hit home.

What is the process from first model to final target please? I am some how missing the flow.