Am I really too busy?

***Side note: Just pulling out these thoughts and answering them illuminates the issue to me so I end up not wanting to ask but here goes anyway…

I work full time and just started the Life Coach School coach certification program (CCP). I have other life coach and health coach training and have been working toward creating a coaching practice but felt I needed more coaching tools and experience so I enrolled here. Love it so far.

I keep having the thoughts like: I’m too busy. I don’t have time. I need to hustle. I’m behind.

I have done a couple models but don’t think I’m getting to the heart of it, really.

C – Coaching Business (goal)
T – I don’t have time.
F – Anxious, frazzled.
A – Unfocused, hurried work, and procrastination.
R – Not much actually work toward my business accomplished.