Am I using no sugar/no flour to avoid allowing urges?

I’m doing no sugar/no flour because I want less food chatter in my brain. If I don’t have sugar and flour, my primitive brain is so quiet when it comes to food! But then a coach mentioned that maybe I’m trying to make it easier on myself by not allowing urge work. By eliminating the food, I’m eliminating the urge work. I mean I do have to allow urges for sugar and flour to not eat it in the first place — as opposed to allowing urges after 1 serving and it’s time to stop. To me, I’d rather allow the urge and not eat it at all vs. allow the urge with just 1 serving. But now I’m wondering if I really do trust myself with food? Could I stop at 1 serving? I don’t even really care to try eating 1 serving. I like my life just fine without sugar and flour.

So my question is – am I using no sugar/no flour to avoid allowing urges? I guess it’s like an alcoholic who decides to abstain from drinking all together and is fine with it, but I don’t actually know if I trust myself to have 1 beer and stop. But also – I don’t care to ever want beer again, so why should I even try having 1? My brain is so much quieter when I don’t want the beer – and I’d rather use my brain power for other things, not for managing stopping at 1 beer.

Thank you!