Am I worth it?

I have been struggling to find a compelling reason to lose the weight. Here is my model:

C: I am overweight
T: Doing the work and the sacrifice it takes to lose weight isn’t worth it
F: miserable and depressed
A: give up on life
R: stay overweight and stuck

As I was thinking about the question “is it worth it??” the thought came to me “Am I worth it?” and suddenly I realized that that is my real issue– not feeling like I was worth it. Even paying the $297 every month is a stretch. Sometimes I feel guilty for spending that money on myself. I hardly ever spend money on myself– don’t go shopping much, wear clothes that I’ve had forever. I have always felt that I was so “good” and “frugal” but now I realize maybe something else is going on. How can I make the jump to feeling like maybe I’m not worth it to I’m worth it??