AM- model issues

I thought I really understood this until I actually stop- and try and do it. I have done several thought downloads and trying to do the homework daily as well with my purpose- which is “I would like to know myself better and improve my well being The more well being I have, the more I have to give and offer the world.”
Comment on my purpose
comment please on this model
C I am a mom
T I suck at this
F anxious, resentful, scared
A try to control them, want to be their friend, don’t give proper restrictions
R unconnected to family, kids don’t have proper boundaries- piss off husband

C i am a mom
T- I’m great at this
F happy and competent, connected
A find time to be together- make family meals-kids are becoming independent, kids like me
R creating good memories- involved in their lives forever- competent adult children some day

I am working first on overdrinking- but since I don’t drink until typically after 5- I feel like my “action” part isn’t starting till then- So should I do more models- I want it all yesterday- so I am having a hard time structuring my time- that still abides by my purpose.