Amazing Result

Hello! I just wanted to say thanks for the relationships topic and workbook this month. This week I have been doing work on the relationship I have with my sister in law. I’ve had so much sadness, resentment and most recently (the past year or so) intense hate for my sister in law. It is her choice to not have a relationship with me, my kids or my husband and my thoughts about this choice have hurt me so much. I have had a really hard time letting go. Last night I practiced going from the unintentional thought of “She’s a selfish bitch and I hate her!!!” (yup it was feeling very bad to have that thought) to the intentional thought “She is a grown adult and is allowed to make her own choices”. At first it wasn’t believable and didn’t produce authentic feelings, but after discussing with my husband and sleeping on it, today I feel remarkably neutral about the relationship. The hate is gone and I feel like I have let it go and finally accepted. I feel like I am at peace. I haven’t been able to get to this place in so many years. It’s really amazing.
Thank you!