Amazing testimony

I’m listening to this week’s podcast and just heard that the Online training is the last time you will offer Certification at the $18K price. Before I “met” you, this would have sent my thoughts into overdrive and I would have been on a course of frantic activity to determine how to pay for the training so I wouldn’t “miss out”. But having the model that you so generously have shared and taught us, I noticed how neutral the circumstance of the price going up really is. You see, I AM going to be certified by you because you are simply the best life coach I have ever experienced and I want to share everything I’ve learned in my life with others. You can teach me how to be even better than I am today at doing this. But, my goals that I set for myself have me going to Certification in 2020. I turn 50 in 2020 and this is going to be my birthday gift to myself. I have other goals to achieve before becoming certified and if that means I pay more for Certification then that’s what it means. I truly believe it’s all happening for ME. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with all of us and for being the amazing YOU! Be well my friend, Shannon