Amygdala Hijack

Hi. I was coaching/speaking with someone yesterday, who has lots of drama and stories relating to childhood abuse. They seem to overwhelm her. She has written several books on the subject. She feels she is the expert on this. She introduced me to the idea of “Amygdala Hijack” and we had a fair old discussion!!
She is insistent that this causes extreme emotion without thought.
I introduced the idea that thoughts cause all our emotions. I held my ground but she was having none of it, as this is a great excuse for her to stay in the blame someone else game- and giving all her power away.
I am trying to be factual and non judgemental!

I am in LSC (April intake) and finding my feet. I have done some reading re this Hijack but slightly floundering. I would love to know your thoughts ion this and how to approach this when there seems deadlock??!! Thank you. Mx