An alternative thought for “this marriage is dysfunctional”?

I’m trying to come up with an alternative thought for “this marriage is dysfunctional”. After too many fights, we stopped sleeping in the same room and there has been zero intimacy for almost two years. We have three small children and live abroad which are the two main reasons I’ve chosen to not pursue divorce right now, plus I feel I don’t currently have enough of my “own money” to produce a favorable custody arrangement as I’ve been paying myself an agreed upon amount from investment income and I’ve been otherwise a stay at home mom. I’ve been working on creating a new business and separate source of income, but it’s taking time. It’s also become an obsession because if I’m “working on my business” I don’t have to deal with my feelings of disappointment. The Internet was out for three days and I thought I was going to lose my mind, so maybe I’m buffering with entrepreneurship? The sentence, “The only reason to be in a relationship is to love someone” keeps going through my head and I feel like I don’t want to love my husband. 🙁