An Important Distinction, MAR. hmwk.: Thought Download vs. Letter from Future Me to Now Me

Hi Brooke and friends,
I’d been wondering what the nuanced distinction was between this month’s Thought Download and the written portion of #5’s Letter from Future Me to Now Me, because they seemed similar and somehow redundant–and so I’d looked below to see who else might have already asked the question in order to do some reconnaissance.:)

Someone else HAD had the same musings that I’d had, only the answer from whomever answered it differs from what Brooke described in her March Homework Video description…which I only discovered by going back and intensely listening to it, and parsing every word she said.

Please clarify, if you’d be so kind, that I’ve got this correct when I say that:

1) The Thought Download for March is to be a all-positive brainstorm about what the future has in-store regarding our New Belief Sentence.
2) The Letter from Future me to Now Me is a letter from the me living in the reality of the New Belief Sentence.

Thank you in advance for verifying. I think that this is what Brooke’s after this month, and when I really “got it” today, I realized how transformative this shift will be on what I’ll glean from the homework exercises, from here on out.

Previously, I’d been doing the March Thought Download as what I’d be thinking and brain-dumping about with regards to me existing as my future self (which felt a lot like #5’s Letter from Future Me) rather than POSITIVELY BRAINSTORMING on what the future has in-store for Future Me, living in the reality of the New Belief Sentence–really important difference!

I hope this will help others, too.

Thank you!