An intentional day

I am going to have a chance to live my dream and manage my mind from today. I have been doing this work for 3 years and I have this belief before. But I truly believe today is the day.

C my dream to work from home as a coach
T I will have a managed mind today
F compelled
A wake up believing I slept enough, do a thought download, practice an intention for the day, do a headstand, shower and get ready, do things as planned, notice the drama around my day especially when I don’t want to do as planned, get curious run some models on why I don’t want to do it, get curious on why I buffered
R I live my day intentionally

I would love to be in this model but it doesn’t happen this way and I never seem to be kind to myself. Living my day with a managed mind and doing as planned doesn’t seem enough.