And The Thanks Go To You

Hello, hello. hello, Queen Awesome!

Over the past two weeks I had three appointments (Hair color, Massage, Eyebrows) and it’s been about two months since these beauticians and massage therapist last saw me.
After losing already 15 pounds since I joined SCS, they were all wowed and complimented me on how vibrant I looked.
They asked, ‘How did you do that?’

I answered, ‘Take a pen, you gonna want to write this down: B-R-O-O-K-E C-A-S-T-I-L-L-O, You’re welcome.’

Of course, I sang your praise in more details, and whether these people will join SCS or not, that’s up to them, but by now I carry with me a few small prepared notes with your full name and website address for the next one that will say, ‘You got to tell me your secret…’

That Screenwriter.