I am feeling angry with my not-yet-ex. We have been separated a year and a half and it has been hell.
Anyway, this evening I learned that there is a present in my house that came from his house – while his lawyers write accusatory and partially true attacking emails to me and he attempts to avoid child support.
The children, 5 and 8, tell me it is from him, the tag reads it is to me from them (their first initials are on the present).
I want to throw it out the window and tell him to go to H—.
I can’t stand his passive aggressiveness and manipulation. He is fighting me like crazy and then silently bringing me a gift – I’m not even sure how it showed up.
I feel as if I am not supposed to think and feel this way, but I want to send the gift back.
I got him a gift last year, when I still – foolishly – thought that we would be on good terms. I did not get him anything this year.
I can’t stand him.