Anger and demotivation at work

I have been struggling for two years and a half in the job I am in for diffent reasons. I am going to change position within the same compagny, but I am completely demotivated.

I did the best I could to implement the project I was working on and did a good job, I think, and managed to improve my skills as a manager.

However, I had relationships problems with a co worker (internal client) and finally involved the HR department to resolve it. I tried to use the model to manage my mind but the anxiety being yelled at by the coworker was too strong, I had to set a limit by involving the HR department. Now my managers say that maybe I was too sensitive and had personal problems that may have influence the situation.

I have lived the anger and disappointment of what my managers have said without resistance and really felt it.
But now I am completely demotivated to find another position, I have completely lost confidence in my firm.

I know that these feelings will pass, that I will go back to work, but right now I don’t want to be motivated, and I don’t know anymore what I want for my career.

Is it ok sometimes to feel down, to let the time for feelings to pass ? I have always had very clear personal and professionals goals, but at the momeng I don’t know what my next goal at work will be.

UM :
C – I had a conversation with my managers concerning my relationship with a coworker
T – they think it’s my fault because I am too sensitive and have personal problems
F – Anger
A – Cry and talk to my husband
R . Demotivation, not willing to work and don’t know what to do next

Thank you