Anger or Self Pity

In trying to work a model on a circumstance, it is unclear as to whether I am feeling self-pity or anger over the following thought:

My partner does not communicate with me in a timely manner as requested.

Maybe I am feeling both? In your experience do these emotions show up together?
F: Anger
A: I express myself in an unloving way towards my partner
but I also have the
F: Self pity
A: crying over dealing with this same issue for so long and tired of looking for ways for it to be solved.
Not surprising, in each case my
R: a greater divide between us resulting in less communication.

Desperately trying to move away from these feelings.
I know my partner will not change and it is my thoughts that create anger and self pity

However, there is a practical side to this — lack of timely communication directly impacts effectiveness and efficiency for me – both of which I am working on in my life.
Conversations have been had.
Promises have been made.
We have tried multiple strategies to improve this circumstance
I am looking for solutions that do not require my constant reminders (which is a time and energy suck for me).
The last suggestion was for him to hire someone to help him remember to follow through.
No action taken by him.

He always resets to his resting place.
I get it.
But I’m also done. At my wits end.

Is this just thought work? What am I missing that could change everything?