Anger toward my husband

This evening during dinner with the family, my husband made a comment about how I don’t do anything around the house, but think I do everything. It really pissed me off! I do so much for my family and around our house and I get little appreciation for it. I have watched you coach others on this, so I’ve been working on not thinking “oh poor me” and instead just taking pride in what I do, but when he made this comment, I was so enraged. I had come to terms that he wasn’t going to express any appreciation, but now I’m realizing that he doesn’t even think I contribute, but just complain.

My current model:

C: Husband’s comment
T: That lazy, stupid *&$#. He doesn’t even realize what I do and just thinks I complain!
F: Angry
A: Yell at husband
R: He thinks I just complain.

C: Husband’s comment
T: (I actually have no idea what to put here because everything I come up with sounds so unbelievable) It’s interesting that he thinks that I don’t do much because I feel like I do a pretty great job at maintaining a healthy home for my family
F: Confident in in the home I provide for my family
A: Continue to clean, cook, organize etc
R: A healthy home for my family

I know I don’t do all that I do for my family because I want the acknowledgement of my husband, but this is so challenging!!!!!!