Angry about a decision to move

Hey! Any thoughts on this model?

We recently moved our family from Colorado to Ohio to be closer to family. Overall I really like our new set up and being with family more, but I do miss the mountains and rivers. I feel like it’s ok to miss it, but I noticed I was thinking about it a lot this week so I did some TDs and came up with the model below.

C: We live in Ohio
T: My wife made us leave Colorado
F: Angry
A: I miss the mountains, I don’t enjoy our new home as much. When my wife says nice things about our new life, I read into it that she’s trying to “please me.” I don’t connect with my wife and share her enjoyment. Probably do some buffering with food.
R: I haven’t really left Colorado and am holding on to it.

Some other thoughts were:
– Ohio isn’t as cool as Colorado.
– I miss my friends
– I loved it there. We left the amazing weather and outdoors for Ohio.

Thanks for giving a little outside perspective.