Angry at a friend

I have a good friend I am seeing this weekend along with a few other good friends. We all know each other quite well. This particular friend is a helper and a doer. I have enjoyed her so much and I have been doing more of the reaching out than her when we connect. However, the last two connections we made together I felt I wasn’t getting what I needed emotionally. I think I was trying to take the relationship to the next level but her response or lack of response left me feeling empty. I don’t think she goes deep and I can love her for who she is and how she responds but I came across feeling angry, not cared about or left wondering what she was thinking. I see some of her behavior as passive aggressive and I am just uneasy thinking about seeing her with the group of friends. Since I was feeling angry with her I felt I needed to journal about this and do a model and then I thought, “why don’t I ask a Coach?”