Angry me

Hi there
So today I had a wow moment.
I noticed the same thought and act pattern that I have at my current job which I also had before at my old job.
I get so easily annoyed and pissed at clients.
And now I know why, because today I was really tired and I didn’t want to work!! I just wanted to be left alone. I had thoughts like: what a stupid question!! Now I have to repeat it again, I don’t want to take another phone call, I’m so tired. I just felt really really tired
And they kept calling (I work in a callcenter) I was almost ready to quit my job and cry haha.

How can I turn around the thought when I’m in this tired, annoyed mood?
I just want to go to sleep and be left alone.

Does anybody have that too?
Can you help?

thank you so much!!