Anna – follow up question, I think I had a break through but need help with really believing new model

Hi Brooke,

I wrote a question yesterday, and saw that the answer was not yet prepared, but I did a new thought download and model – I think I am heading in the right direction, but need some help.

Unintentional Thought Pattern
C: Volunteering for non-profit, I lead a campaign to raise $ for needy.
T: I resent others for not stepping up.
F: Alone, anxious, tense and scared.
A: Either buffer or send out a lot of requests (email/texts) = all or nothing.
R: Nothing gets done, because I don’t ask or I overwhelm.

Intentional Thought Pattern
T: We have 3 leaders and 30 people that want to help!
F: Amazing, I can’t believe it, I feel love in my heart.
A: Inspire others to action, share the love in my heart.
R: Each person contributes how they feel called/to their ability.

I see how my actions are hurting me and my campaign, last night I caught myself getting really snarky and I don’t mean to be negative, but it happens, and I really want to stop it before either the words come out of my mouth or it clouds my thoughts. How do I really feel true to the intentional thought patterns?

Thanks a ton!