Annoyed and not present in the moment

I am noticing when my mom comes over with the kids, my mood and energy are low. I show up exhausted. I think half is because she is my mom and I can let all my feelings out for her. And the other half, is annoyance with her words and anxiety. I know she is a worrier, and I was in a place where she could just be her. Now I just resist wanting to get together because I don’t want to sit with it. I believe it’s good for her and the kids to spend time, though her anxiety does wear off on them and I believe they will have to decide for themselves what they want to keep for themselves.

C: Visit mom
T: I don’t really want to go, but I know it’s good for all of us.
F: Exhausted
A: Show up with low energy, get annoyed that she panics at everything the kids do
R: I don’t choose what is good for me.

Just still people pleasing? I do see the benefit for her and the kids, and even myself, though in this season in life (mom, working full time) I value my time, and do not think we have to see grandparents (both sets) EVERY weekend, or every other weekend. When I do say no I have alot of guilt, as I am very AWARE we don’t have much time left to spend with them…..How do you balance this?