Annoyed by my team

Every now and then I become frustrated with what I believe to be a lack of input from my team.

I work really hard in my business (non-coaching – it is a product based company) and identify to be a hard worker for others also (worked and continuously bettered my skills outside of business hours when I was working for other businesses) but I just don’t see these same qualities in my team. It’s clear that I have an internal manual for them on taking initiative outside of work hours and genuinely WANTING to be better on their own and the fact that I think they’re not is causing me frustration. I consider myself to be a very flexible, respectful and understanding employer (each one of my team have told me how much they love working where they do, and how much they appreciate me) and I guess that’s what confuses me. If they love it so much, why don’t they do more or think ‘how can I make my manager’s job even easier today?’ I don’t think they care to ask that, but I have no proof for this, of course. Maybe I’m being too carefree with them, and that’s why they love it?

I understand these thoughts do not serve me in any way, I’m usually pretty good at turning these types of thoughts around and being grateful for my team. But this weekend all these thoughts are coming to the surface and I’m struggling to think anything that is conducive to me being a good leader, and appreciating my team.

How do I genuinely change my T line from ‘Why doesn’t my team do more to help?’ to something that doesn’t make me frustrated, and instead makes me more productive/effective with the team?