annoyed with husband’s restless leg syndrome

My husband, 3 year and I might be making a 4+ car ride together this weekend. My husband has restless leg syndrome and it typically starts up as shortly after being in the car. He starts to pound on his legs and tell me how awful it is. . . .repeatedly, repeatedly, and repeatedly. I, being the loving person I can be, think thoughts to myself like:
1. If you’d take care of yourself better, maybe you wouldn’t have this problem.
2. I’m really sick of hearing about it and how sugar makes it worse (as he’s just eaten an ice cream sandwich, for example)

Anyway, I’ve been not totally looking forward to the trip because I’ve strongly disliked being with him in the car lately. I know it’s about my thoughts . . . that I could think:

1. The poor guy has restless leg syndrome. That must be really uncomfortable.
2. I could feel compassion.

I could maybe do these things, but need a little extra mental help from you. The car ride could get loooooooong.

Thanks! xo