Annoyed with COVID

I hate that I’m saying this… but I’m a little annoyed with how people seem to be more relaxed with COVID. I see more and more people on social media (Instagram, Facebook) not putting on masks and hanging out with each other… and it makes me angry, to be honest. I know everyone is itching to get outside and be with their community (I feel the same way), but I also know it doesn’t necessarily help the situation to not wear any masks and to hang out with people.

This is my model on this:

C People hanging out during quarantine, not wearing masks
T What they’re doing is irresponsible and not helping the situation
F Anger
A Obsessing about it, venting about it, focusing on this (instead of focusing on tasks to get done for the day), resenting others due to thinking, “Why can they hang out and I can’t?”
R I’m not helping my own situation

I see that when I do the model, I’m not creating a helpful situation for myself… I see that I have a lot of judgment here… And I see that I have full control over what I do, and that I can choose to hang out too if I want to…

The emotion (anger) just feels really strong… Like, I so badly want to get irritated about it and get upset about it. Perhaps I should allow the emotions to be there before changing my thought?