Annoyed/Bad Mood over chocolate!

Hey Brooke,
I’m doing IF, and eating very low carb/high fat from my eating window 12 pm-8 pm. Overall this has been going OK, except for my chocolate cravings. Today I caved in and had chocolate, and when I had it, it felt uncontrollable. I was not in control. Of course right afterwards I felt anger towards myself and then a general resentment/annoyance towards “not being able to have chocolate” and “having to work so hard”—so there’s an element of self pity that I recognize is NOT ok. This has now spilled over my mood for the day and it becomes me being annoyed and in a bad mood–which also affects my boyfriend and our interactions which is NOT fair to him.

How did I let one small piece of chocolate ruin my whole day?!!

C—-I ate chocolate when I should not have
T—-I have no self control./ Why do I have to work so hard at this?!
F—-Anger. Annoyed at self and circumstances.
A—-Withdraw from others; say mean things to others
R—-my boyfriend and I fight

What thought do I need to repeat to myself so I don’t let the my mishap “ruin my mood” for the day?
What do you do when you feel yourself getting in a “Bad mood”?