another insight/victory

Dear Brooke, I’m now a VIP! So, I dove into the Stop Overeating Master Class just to see what I hadn’t yet been exposed to. I lost 30 pounds and have been maintaining goal weight with no real problem, but a light bulb went off when you talked about little justifications. I had been been overeating almonds & raisins and couldn’t quite pinpoint what was up with that. I now see that it was justification, especially because I can get away with it in terms of the scale. But, I’ve been trying to focus on keeping my word to myself so that I can make an important May 2018 writing deadline. Well, it CLICKED finally that not keeping my word to myself with overeating can easily spill into other things. If it’s all about mental habits, it’s important to be precise in all areas. Yes, I’ll be keeping that idea close! Thank you!

But even having said that, I also have to share that I had a tough writing day last week and spent much of the day down in the dumps. When my partner got home and asked about my day, I shared. One of his responses: “Wow, that bad, huh? But you didn’t have a box of cereal or several big Panera cookies? That’s definitely different.” Brooke, I honestly hadn’t realized until then how free from that I’ve become. Wow!!! #grateful