Another July model

I appreciate, value and see results from what you are providing Brooke. Amazingly amazing. Thank you so much.
The July work of intentionally making the memory of yesterday great is interesting. I notice almost insignificant little thoughts that ever so slightly taint the memory of an extraordinary day. Ok how did I do on this model?
C. My friend shows me the garden she designed and is building.
T. She has taken initiative to do this herself. Look at her skills…she is better than me
F. Inferior
A. I create distance in our relationship.
R. Distance in our relationship
C. My friend shows me her garden…..
T. Wow look at what she has done. She’s an inspiration. I’m so proud of my friend.
F. Love, happy, proud
A. Tell her my thoughts
R. Enjoy my friend and our relationship I’m inspired!!