Another model sample

Here are two other simple but specific model examples to help me fulfill my goals.
It seems the super-specific is helping me.

I do have high level models for all of these-they all lead to increasing my confidence, capability, or knowledge, things that will help me a lot as I seek to make new relationships and be in the world as a strong confident self loving gal 🙂

Is this OK?

C-Me and Reading non-fiction this month
T- I am getting to learn through reading non-fiction and I am so excited. Goodreads rates the book “short history” highly and I think it is a great book to start my reading with. So excited to fulfill this goal.
F- joyous and thrilled and free and committed
A-Check number of Chapters (30) number of pages (500 pages) read about 6-7 chapters per week. Put reading time in schedule.
R- Read “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by August 15.

C-Me and Piano this month
T- I want so much to be playing piano again. I want to practice Fur Elise and make it through the entire piece. Its been years due to so much work stress. I am really looking forward to feeling some sense of achievement by honing my skills here. This is something that feeds my need to be accomplished and I want to help myself here. And it may lead to me playing more jazzy stuff and accomplish some other creative goals in the future.
F- in control and excited about my next endeavor here.
A.- planning. will need to practice reading music again. will need to sit down for just a few minutes at a time to get the memory going again. then I will plan for 20 minutes a day. I will practice one section per session for the first week and then I will hone in for perfection and practice one section per week as required. put practice time in schedule.
R- Fur Elise memorized and played to B level by August 15.