Another Plateau Question

Hello friend,

SCS has been fantastic for me and I am making so many wonderful changes in my life. Also accomplishing things that I have been putting off for years. It feels so great! I’ve also lost nearly 40 pounds. However, I have another 90 to lose. I have been within the same 5 pound range since the end of April. I’ve been in SCS since January and lost the 40 between Jan and April. Now I am stuck. I am doing things pretty much the same. I have had a couple of weeks of going off protocol, but got back right on. Those times have been very helpful and taught me so much, so I know it was worth it for the understanding of my thought process. But, I think I am stuck because of my thought “I am stuck”. HELP! Here is model I did today.

C: I’ve weighed the same since April
T: I’m not doing it right
F: defeated,failure, self blame
A: Struggle. Keep “trying” to do it right.
R: Stay the same weight

New thought
C: Plateaued
T: I can break this
F: motivated
A: Think thin thoughts, visualize, and follow protocol.
R: I’ll break plateau.

Any suggestions? Thanks, Cindy